Episode 60: “We’re Back, We’re Drinking”

Thanks for tuning in to episode 60!

In this episode we talk about…

First weekend of the Premier League, Man City’s shortcomings against Tottenham, West Ham’s resilience against Newcastle, Jack Grealish at City, Rafa Benitez joining Everton, the Harry Kane conquest,  West Ham’s quiet window, Raheem Sterling getting his toes stepped on, England’s Euro 2020 campaign, this season’s top 6 and relegation predictions, if Spurs would need a new striker, the Referee changes, VAR’s thicker lines, divers getting booked, miserable Arsenal, the future of Mikel Arteta, Bernardo Silva’s future at City, Romelu Lukaku back to Chelsea, Barcelona’s money troubles, Virgil Van Dijk returning, Bish’s riddle, and more!

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