Episode 57: 
Sounds Like a Murder

Thanks for tuning in to episode 57!

In this episode we talk about…

The race for the top 4, West Ham’s lost to Everton, David Moyes’ impact on West Ham, Everton’s solid platform, Leicester’s win over Man United, Jesse Lingard’s replacement, the FA Cup Final, City’s loss to Chelsea, Aguero’s penalty, Man City winning the league and catching Chelsea’s record, City’s win against Newcastle, Chelsea’s loss to Arsenal, the Arsenal goal controversy, Laporte’s switch to Spain, the ESL punishments, Arsenal’s European miss, Van Dijk out of the Euros, Roy Keane on Man United, Champions League Final being moved to Portugal, Juventus getting kicked out of Serie A, Frank Lampard to Crystal Palace, Mourinho wanting Ake at Roma, and more!

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