Episode 50: 
It Wasn’t a Fad

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 50 of 5 Pints In with Ian Bishop!

In this week’s episode we talk about Chris Wilder leaving Sheffield United, Ian’s predictor reign, England’s right back depth (and a bet that Reece James won’t make the Euro squad), David Moyes leaving the attacking too late against United, the 2 teams most affected by empty stadiums, the destruction of the modern game, how Declan Rice is more of an old fashioned player, Haaland’s BIG wage demands, Man City’s interest in Joao Felix, John Stones scoring more in the Premier League this year than Timo Werner, England’s outlook for the Euros, 90’s football compared to 80’s football, quarantine after international games, how money has changed the game, and much more!

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